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 Work is tough, Key is tougher.

To meet the workwear clothing  needs of farmers and ranchers who were toiling sunup to sundown on the  eastern edge of America’s Great Plains, C. A. Lakin and Harry McKey  established the Lakin-McKey Manufacturing Company in Fort Scott, Kansas  in 1908.

Knowing the rugged lives these men endured, the two  company founders built their first pair of bib overalls with heavy-duty  denim and triple-needle stitched seams. But Lakin-McKey clothing was  built to move easy, too, throughout long days on the plains. And it  carried a price that hardworking men considered a fair deal.

While  the name was later shortened to “Key,” the company’s reputation for  longwearing quality, comfort and value grew – so much so that the brand  became known as “The Nation’s Finest” work clothes.

Today, Key  satisfies America’s need for tough clothing with Lakin McKey Trading and  Tuf-Nut® apparel for men, women and children; Wolf Mountain® gear for  hunters; Polar King® clothes for extreme conditions; and, of course, Key  and Key FR (fire-resistant) workwear.

But while the names may be  different and some styles newer, you’ll find the original values of C.  A. Lakin and Harry McKey endure in every shirt, pant, jacket, overall or  other piece of rugged clothing: Work is tough, Key is tougher.

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